May Newsletter

Excellent. Great to see you here. So you’re either reading this because you already follow the news page or you’ve followed the link from the e mail forwarded by Pam Emsley our secretary. Who knows, you may even be a potential new member as you search the web for local clubs. You’d be most welcome.

So yes, thanks to Brian Shears, this website is becoming more user friendly and it would be great to use it more to promote the club’s activities amongst members, the community and beyond. As a result, if you wish to keep up to date with posts and add your comments please hit the follow button and follow the relevant instructions. I say that with such confidence; if you have any snags, hiccups or confusions with that, please get in touch and we’ll try and work out why. It’s all new learning.

Eventually, it would be good to post current league positions for all our teams as well as photos and yes…maybe the odd song. Odd being the word. Go on, have another listen to No Tennis Ball Blues and massage my ego. Is it too obvious a pun to say all current league teams are unbeaten? (I’d insert an emoji here but can’t find where they might be).

On league news, nothing new with regard Bradford District or Friendly Leagues (see April newsletter) but the Wharfedale league has reduced to half a season, scheduled to start on 13th July. We will be updated as a club on 30th June if this is to change.

Times are frustrating but many are believing there is some hope for some sort of play in the coming weeks. As a club, we continue to follow guidelines and are keeping a close eye on developments. At the time of writing, there is no change but thoughts and ideas are being processed. I am in communication with Gavin Sutcliffe who is the Lead Team Activator for the LTA in the Leeds area, the officers of the club and with Jamie our coach.

Thank you to all club members who have renewed their membership and have paid this year’s subscriptions. This is very much appreciated to help keep the club in a healthy financial position. Thank you also for communicating with Chris Glenn, our membership secretary, that you agree to the club’s GDPR policy. If anyone is still to renew their membership, could you at minimum contact Chris to say that you agree to the club’s GDPR policy and we can maintain all current members in our records.

The officers of the club are currently looking into possible grants which have been made available at this time; more about this at a later date. As a full committee, we will review the impact of the pandemic before deciding on subscriptions for the 2021/22 season. Also, we are very lucky in having Joel Griffiths as our treasurer as he continues to keep a well organised and firm hold over financial matters.

Moving on, we expect the planned court repainting will go ahead at some time in the near future and hopefully with as little impact on playing as possible. Again, thanks to Glenn Frost who is co-ordinating this.

Keep up the creative and original ways of staying fit so you’re ready to get that racket back in hand. I find myself bouncing a ball a lot. Take care and stay safe.

See you on court



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