Return to Tennis (Part 1)

The government rules for exercise have been adapted and it means some tennis is now allowed. It has been announced that “the use of outdoor sports courts such as tennis – with members of your household or one other person while staying 2 metres apart” is permitted from Wednesday 13th May.

The officers of the club have agreed that tennis at Cross Hills can recommence within the following strict guidelines.

Play is permitted with club members of your own household or with one other paid up club member on courts 1 and 3. (The net of court 2 will be lowered to enable physical distancing to be maintained).

Courts can be booked to play for a period of 50 minutes from a time on the hour until 10 to the following hour. This enables a safe transfer period between court users. If you do meet other members as you arrive or leave, please keep a two metre distance. Initially, please use the social tennis WhatsApp to state when you will be using the courts so as to avoid duplication of times. If you are not a member of the group, please contact me (Jonathan) and I will add you to the group. If you do not have my number you can send a message through the website or e mail the secretary. Please now only use this group for saying you are booking a court. Remember you can leave the group or mute notifications so you can edit the time you receive messages – ask if you are unsure on this. We are looking into the possibility of setting up a booking system which would be accessed through the website.

The clubhouse will remain out of bounds for the present. As a result a new numbered padlock will be used to keep the courts secure. Members who have paid their subscription will be e mailed this number as soon as it is in place.

In addition, the ball machine will remain out of use.

Hygiene is of the upmost importance. We are very grateful to Diane and Glenn Frost who have volunteered to organise and maintain a box for each usable court to be supplied with sanitiser/cleaning materials/marker pens etc. These will be in place by the weekend. Before and after play, please ensure you properly wipe down the net winder and the net measurer (which should be returned to the middle court where it can be safely accessed). In addition please take responsibility for cleaning the padlock and the latch on the entrance gate as you leave – take a cleaning cloth away with you.

It is requested that members if at all possible can provide their own balls and mark them with the pen so they don’t get mixed up with those of others. If you are unable to provide your own balls, there will be a limited number available in each box. If you take a set of balls, please keep them for future use and let me know so numbers can be monitored.

Please also take any rubbish away with you rather than use the club bins.

I’m sure you agree that as a club we wish to enable people to play tennis but in as safe a setting as possible. Please respect these non-negotiable procedures and be vigilant that others do the same. Do contact the secretary of the club if you think any issues with regard the safety of members arises. Please remember not to attend the club if you or anyone in your household are displaying any potential coronavirus symptoms.

Let’s see how this goes and be assured we will continuously review and reflect upon any changes to legislation. Enjoy your tennis and I hope to soon once I sort this bloomin’ knee out. I’ll be taking on an 82 year old until it heals.

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