Court Maintenance

The planned court cleaning and painting is now due to take place on Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th June meaning the courts will be out of action then and also on Saturday 20th June.  If the weather does not permit this then the work may have to be deferred to the following week (w/b Monday 22nd June).  If this is the case, then members will be informed on Monday 15th June.

Secondly, an invitation is presented here to all members who would like to acknowledge volunteers week and attend a gardening party on Saturday (6th June) from 9am until 10am.  However due to the current rules only 6 can be present so the first 5 to contact me directly via text or WhatsApp get to come.  If you do not have my number, send a message via the contacts page. Bit early for a bottle so instead bring a trowel, secateurs (had to look up how to spell that), lopers or any other useful gardening tool.

Thanks to all those who are already giving time to keeping the club going strong. This thanks has also been sent by John Crowther, chairman of Yorkshire Tennis.

PS This is not the June newsletter. I know you’re all waiting in anticipation.

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