Chairman’s June Newsletter

June, she’ll change her tune and so she has – including the weather.

Oh look, is that really people playing doubles tennis? Spot the ball. Good to see it back in some form though I think each member may have differing thoughts on how to interpret the government guidelines. I’m sure Jan won’t want me anywhere near just yet. Some are very happy to play doubles with people from the same household as demonstrated by Glenn and Diane and Tess and Joel in the photo; some may feel comfortable playing a double with people from different households, just with the added challenge of keeping 2 metres apart whenever possible; others may wish to wait a bit longer. Use the WhatsApp to arrange with others then continue to book through the website. If for any reason you experience a problem, send a message. If the time you wish to play is not displayed, it means it has already been booked.

It is good to see that people are back and enjoying their tennis. Quite a challenge to maintain all the needed equipment and thank you for keeping up with the rules of hygiene. As a club we are going through new balls fairly quickly. Please make sure you continue to use the balls you have taken and not just pick a new set each time you play. Our spies and moles tell me that other local clubs are charging members for balls.

A new feature – chairman’s moan. Thank you for taking away the ring pull tops as well!!!! Inference needed.

And look at those courts, don’t they need a bit of t.l.c. Fingers crossed that the cleaning and painting can go ahead starting Wednesday 17th June.

Talking of keeping the place looking in good shape.

Thanks to all who are putting time into doing their bit to keep on top of the place, however big or small. Here’s Oliver attacking those brambles that readily come through at the back of the courts. Feel free to take the initiative when you see something that needs doing. It is good to be a part of an ethos where members see they have a shared responsibility rather than an attitude that somebody else will do it. Remember, everyone volunteers the time that they can. If you wish to become more involved with the running of the club but are not sure how, please contact Pam our secretary.

No news to report on any other changes or developments including league situations.

Got any photos of people playing? Do WhatsApp them through to me as it would be good to get more up to date ones on the website.

Enjoy your tennis


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