Tuesday Club Nights

The club officers have decided to trial a return to social tennis every Tuesday evening starting 14 July for three weeks, subject to the following constraints:

  • There will be 2 separate sessions 6pm – 7.30 and 7.45 – 9.15. 
  • Players can book for either session not both.
  • Booking is open from 9am Thursday to 4pm Saturday for the following Tuesday. Pam, our secretary will send out an email if any spaces are available after booking has closed.
  • To book please contact Pam leaving your name and preferred contact method. 12 spaces each session. 
  • Please let her know as soon as possible if you have booked and then need to cancel.
  • Mixed doubles whenever possible.
  • The designated co-ordinator for each session will have a list of players and will allocate everyone to a court
  • Players can rotate partners on their assigned court.  After 45 minutes the co-ordinator will ask each couple to rotate clockwise on all courts to make up another foursome.  This is to keep within the current allowed groups of no more than 6 people. 
  • Players from the first group are asked to leave quickly at the end of the session and players from the second group are asked not to arrive early to reduce the number of people around the clubhouse.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation .  Hopefully, we can extend this if successful or there is a further relaxation to current arrangements.

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