July Newsletter

July, she will fly. So she will and so she does. Can you believe we should be on the mid-season break today and enjoying a bit of Wimbledon. Even Gardener’s World is at its half way mark!

News is now in to say all three league seasons for 2020 have been abandoned. But tennis at Cross Hills hasn’t and we keep looking at ways to make it more accessible to all.

Booking will open for the trial Tuesday club nights (on what will hopefully be newly painted courts) at 9am on Thursday. Instructions were e mailed to all club members and are also posted on the news page. The main emphasis for these evenings is social tennis and open to all abilities. Running alongside the booking system for the rest of the week, this means people will get the chance to play with different members, good for everyone’s game. On the night, a co-ordinator will take the lead, allocating people to courts and organising change rounds. As stated, it is open for 12 people at each session (but please don’t book for both). Details are given in the e mail and on the post but on the night, the co-ordinator will tell you what to do and where to go. These conditions are in place so we adhere to the rules regarding social gatherings which can only be 6. The officers of the club will review this provision so please give feedback to the co-ordinator or to Pam Emsley our secretary.

In fact for any issues or suggestions you wish to raise, please contact Pam our secretary and she will share with the relevant parties. If there is an enquiry with regard new membership then Chris Glen is the one to contact. This can also be done through the website.

For club night and at all other times, the three courts are now up and running. Thanks to Bob for magically filing the new net clasp so it fits. (Does anybody know the real name for the thingumy that holds the net tape down?)

Kinetic tennis are also relaunching from next week too and again details have been e mailed and will be posted alongside this newsletter. There is an opportunity for adult coaching and the time slot for this has been extended to give more people the chance to access this. It’s great to see a number of new members joining us and to have this facility can only be good for the development of the club as well as individuals.

So just Wimbledon repeats to watch but to get interactive and more engagement on this page, here’s a challenge.

1 Which male and female Wimbledon champion has had the greatest positive influence on you?

2 Which aspect of your game are you currently most pleased with and which part would you like to improve? (You can’t say apologising to your partner is a strength.)

I’ll go first. Stefan Edberg for a game based on precision and an elegant serve volley which is what happens in my head when I try it. Steffi Graf for excellent footwork and a powerful forehand. (Note my non-gender specific comments). 1988 must have been a significant year.

In terms of my own game, obviously my cross court winning Steffi like forehand is feared by all and wouldn’t it be good to be able to glide elegantly into the net and put away a forehand volley first time. Well erm, wouldn’t it be good to play a volley.

Come on, let’s see some posted comments to this to show what you think.

Plenty happening over the next month or so behind the scenes but will save that for sunny August. Big thank you to all those members who see a job and get on and do it. The club survives on this committed attitude.

Enjoy your tennis.

Jon the Rabbit Remover (my new skill)

PS, still not received any photos.

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4 Responses to July Newsletter

  1. Brian Shears says:

    I’m interested in your animal removal service. I don’t get rabbits, but I sometimes find hedgehogs, mice etc in my backyard. Does your removal service deal with them cleanly, cheaply?

  2. Jonathan Crossley says:

    Indeed, but my geographical range is very limited.

  3. 1. I suppose we should pick people who were playing after we were born, so I’m sorry if that makes anyone feel old! I’ll go with Hewitt for his scrapping to the very end and being so emotionally invested he’d scream “C’moonnn” after the 1st point of a match. And Kvitova for being super aggressive and aiming for the line on every shot. I blame her for me thinking I should go for winners from silly positions and instead firing the ball into the bowling green.

    2. Seeing as it’s Wimbledon fortnight and I’d usually be watching people going for diving volleys and thinking “that looks fun if we didn’t play on concrete”, I’ll go for a sneaky angled volley winner as the most pleasing shot. Every winter I say to myself I should really take some time to work on my 2nd serve, and now 7 years later I’m still hitting 3 double faults a service game. So maybe this year!

    Looking forward to watching Murray’s greatest moments on BBC later. I’m not crying, you are.

    • Jonathan Crossley says:

      Excellent choices and yes your sneaky volleys are annoying when playing against them. Scary trying to do anything with a second serve except donkey it over. Perhaps we should all work on the crying too.

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