New courts and club night

Great first outing on the spanking newly washed and painted courts and a very successful Tuesday club night. Remember to book through Pam from a Thursday for the following Tuesday (5.00 til 6.30 or 6.45 til 8.15 or whenever we drag ourselves off). We even played under lights last night. Thanks to all who put in the time and effort to get the courts looking and feeling great.

We were joined by two visitors from Adel Tennis Club in Leeds who are looking to get some lights and they were thoroughly impressed with the club and the feel for the place. Just need a bit of warmth now.

Your chairman showing his best dance moves.
There’s Dom going for ace number 1.
Alvin in full concentration mode.

Great photos from Oliver! All genuine I can assure you.

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1 Response to New courts and club night

  1. Brian Shears says:

    All posing aside, the courts really are in fantastic condition.

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