August newsletter

August, die she must… but not yet and thanks to the lights we can play on beyond the limits of summer so READ ON ALL THE WAY TO THE END.

Club Nights

Great to see these up and running now and to hear the positive feedback about this and the courts on which we play (more on them lower down). Having said this, it is essential that we all continue to follow the LTA and government guidance in order to keep everyone as safe as possible, particularly with the news of an increase in Covid-19 cases in the local area. I think it’s fair to say some of us have slipped a bit and a huge thanks to those club members who show the assertiveness to remind others.

So, whenever at the club…

Maintain social distancing.

Use the hand sanitiser.

Club night first group finish prompt at 6.30pm and leave quickly / second group arrive for 6.45pm and try not to be early.

Follow the risk assessment when using the club house. Sorry to say the Gent’s toilet was not in a good way earlier in the week.

Do not come to play if you show any Covid-19 symptoms.

Remember to keep a record of who you have played with for 21 days to comply with track and trace rules. For club night, Pam our secretary does this. I know other organised times do this also.


Yes they’re looking good and playing well. Another thanks to the dedicated few who were instrumental in the organisation for this job to be done. Next step is to work out how best to maintain them. We will be looking carefully at the best way to look after the courts.

Singles Night

Purely in terms of tennis may I add. If anybody would like to join the group of us who have been enjoying a real runaround and waking up next morning with all kinds of aches and pains by playing singles on a Wednesday evening from 7pm until 9pm, please contact me directly. We could probably maintain the above playing rules with a maximum of 12 people. It is essential to let me know each week if you would like to join in so numbers can be properly monitored and a record kept for track and trace. Be prepared to pick your own ball up if you put your first serve into the net though.

Charity Event

Date for the diary: Saturday 26th September

Although this year we are unable to organise an event which could allow us all to gather together at the same time, it would be great to still find a way to raise money for the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice in Oxenhope, something the club has done successfully every year for longer than my time as a member.

The idea will be a tennis marathon where myself and Joel, our treasurer, will play for the entire day’s booking time. We hope people will then pay to play us or sponsor the occasion. Running alongside this, other committee members will be available across the day to meet and play any juniors and family members. Now the date is published, organisation of the event has to happen and details of how you can participate will be sent out in due time; for now, get the date in you calendars.

Maintaining the Grounds

Thanks and well done to those who see a job needs doing and just do it. Autumn is a time when quite a lot needs doing so let’s all keep doing our bit.

Congratulations on reading to the end. Look back at a few of the other posts; go on, send me a photo or reply to the Wimbledon request.

See you on court.


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