Jon and Joel’s Tennis Marathon for Sue Ryder Manorlands


On Saturday 26th September Jon (your chairman) and Joel (your treasurer) are planning to play tennis from 9am until 6pm to raise money for Sue Ryder Manorlands.


Two reasons. First, each year for longer than I’ve been a member, Cross Hills Tennis Club has been very active in raising money for Manorlands with one way being by holding an annual fun day – in memory of former members who have benefitted from the amazing work Manorlands do. For obvious reasons, this kind of event cannot happen this year, but that shouldn’t stop us doing something. Second, just as we can’t hold a fun day, many other charity events cannot take place so organisations like Manorlands are being hard hit. By doing this sponsored play, we can reach out to people within and beyond the club to donate.

How to take part?

Three sign up sheets have been placed on the outside of the club house window with the following options: play tennis with myself and Joel. This could take place across two courts so that means up to 6 at a time. Come and be a spectator and cheer us on (or feed us cake). For families, come down and book a session to have a game with other committee members – it would be great to meet people who perhaps don’t play at club organised events. Come and meet us. Feel free to invite friends and family along. All standards welcome (including cake). PLEASE SIGN UP (take a pen just incase the two there get “borrowed” by someone). DON’T leave us to play a 9 hours singles match!!!!!!

How to contribute to Sue Ryder Manorlands

This is the important bit – the reason for the event. On the home page of this website is a link to a just giving site for people to make donations. Click here. Through this, contributions can be made via bank transfer, PayPal, debit or credit card. This money goes direct to Manorlands. Also, donations of cash can be made on the day. Contact me directly if you wish to make a donation at another time or in another way.

It would be great if this could extend to people beyond the club so those who are on social media, please send messages to your contacts directing them on how to contribute or why not invite someone along on the day – a great way to encourage new members.

Here’s an opportunity where we can pull together as a club at a time when everything has become compartmentalised. It would be great to see as many club members as possible all on the same day. However, please stick to the times you sign up for as we have to maintain our safety measures due to the pandemic. Let’s do our bit and make ‘September, I remember’ a positive song quote.

Please get in touch with me directly, through Pam our secretary or by leaving a message on the website if you’d like more information.

Thanks in anticipation


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