October Newsletter

October and the leaves are stripped bare (not yet) of all they wear.

What do I care? We got tennis. (That last bit not a U2 lyric)

And we got lights.


To keep in line with LTA strict guidance, we have to make it very clear about the rules of participation. It has been decided that our club organised sessions can take up to 12 people as long as clear risk assessments are in place and adhered to. One aspect is ALL THOSE WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE WITH THE CO-ORDINATOR. Look out soon for updated risk assessments.

These times are as follows:

Club night – Tuesday evenings 5.00pm to 6.30pm and 6.45pm to 8.15pm. Book through the club secretary Pam Emsley.

Club singles night – Wednesday evenings from 6pm. Book by contacting Jon Crossley aka me. Unlike other sessions, you could arrive anytime after 6. (If more than 8 wish to attend, we would have one doubles going and two singles).

Women’s tennis – Fridays 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Book through Chris Glen.

Men’s tennis – Mondays and Wednesdays 11.00am to 1.00pm. Book through Roy Heaton. WhatsApp groups have been set up for this. If you wish to join the group, contact Brian Shears.

Coaching – adult coaching from 12.15pm on Sundays. This is becoming very popular. Follow the link to Kinetic tennis website for more details of this and the junior coaching.

(Traditionally, Saturday mornings have been designated club sessions but we’re just holding fire on that at the moment. Lights mean the evening sessions can continue. For any club session organised, a committed co-ordinator is needed).

Please contact the club secretary or send a message through the website if you wish to know more or haven’t got the details of the above co-ordinators.

For all other tennis in groups up to 4, continue to book yourselves through the website link.


Please continue to follow the rules as published on the gate to the courts. REMIND YOURSELF BY READING THEM. The lock has been left open on a few occasions recently so please double check you have left the courts secure – you need to twiddle the numbers, not just fasten it down. (Forgive technical terminology).


So far £506 has been raised for Manorlands. On the club window is a little quiz. How many games did we play? Put a pound in the tin on the window ledge and fill in the number you think. Emma was working out a calculus formula before she puts in her suggestion.


Good luck to the late night owls who will be participating in the Bradford Winter Tennis League. If you’re male, it’s not too late to be included, just let me know. So far we have 8 and a half brave souls laying their body down for the good of the club.

Next Friday, the officers of the club are meeting the area LTA rep, Gavin Sutcliffe to support us in our next steps to ensure tennis can be played in as safe an environment as possible. A huge thanks to Joel, Pam and Chris who are working tirelessly for the benefit of all members.

Keep doing the little jobs around the place and watch out for one or two big jobs on the horizon – and not just watching the bowling at the back. Autumn is a time when the courts need plenty of care and a leaf blower is on the way – the small print on the court repainting says we shouldn’t brush them. I’m sensing some members are very excited about the prospect of using the blower, particularly if it sucks too.

Enjoy your tennis but PLEASE STICK TO THE RULES. (Off to look at Pam’s club night risk assessment!!!!).

If you have any suggestions or further ideas then please contact Pam our secretary who will bring them to the relevant committee members.

Thanks all


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