Autumn 2022

As we continue to develop and move forward as a club, I took a look at the website and saw there was an Autumn newsletter. How up to date… Wrong. Autumn 2021. How things have changed in just a year. So whoever you are reading this, member or not, hey Autumn 2022.

The summer season seems to have drifted away like a sycamore seed – but boy we’ve seen plenty of those. It’s been a summer season more like the good ole days with no covid restrictions looming over everyone. Summer days and evenings of competitive and non competitive tennis have been enjoyed and now it’s time to be more wrapped up when enjoying the fresh air and a swing of the racquet / racket – with a winter league mixed and men’s team playing indoors at Heaton to add for those inclined.

Maybe you’re someone looking to come and possibly join us, you would be more than welcome – all standards. Social times take place as follows:

Tuesdays and Thursday evenings under the lights.

Saturday mornings for all from 10am – if you’re wanting to check us out, this would be a good time to come along.

Women play 2pm Fridays and men 10.30 on Wednesdays.

New members are always welcome and we have brought back the winter membership offer. Do send a message through the site and our membership secretary will be in touch with you.

Our AGM will take place some time in February or March and at this time we intend to publish the full season’s events and activities. Keep an eye or an ear out for that.


Jonathan Crossley


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