Summer 23

Here comes May and our season is in full swing. Wharfedale league fixtures started last week and the weekend fixtures start 13th May followed by the friendly league on Monday 15th. Coaching continues to run on Sundays and it was good to see some new people come along and take up Kinetic Tennis’s offer of a free taster session from 4 year olds up to beginner and established adult sessions which took place on April 30th. Contact Kinetic directly if you wish to know more – details here on the website.

Our summer club social times continue on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with the addition of a men’s time on a Wednesday morning and a women’s session on a Friday afternoon. Saturday mornings will pause after 6th May to make way for the competitive league matches. Any potential new members would be more than welcome to join us at these times. Alternatively, do get in touch through the website and our membership secretary will get back to you.



Jon Crossley


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New Season is Here

April 1st is no joke; it’s the start of the new membership year. Any new members would be more than welcome. As British summertime begins, we will be holding a spring clean on Tuesday 28th March from 5pm onwards. Why not come along and find out about the club – anything from how to use the ball machine and lights to how social tennis works and what opportunities there are for taking part in local leagues.

2022 saw the club’s men’s first team return to division 1 of the Bradford District Tennis League for the first time this century – a great achievement. We’d love to stay there so any players out there who might like to join the squad, do get in touch and become a member. There’s also opportunities to play competitively at all levels.

What about some coaching? That’s a Sunday thing. Social tennis? Tuesdays and Thursday evenings; men’s at 10.30 on a Wednesday and 2pm Friday for the women.

Plenty for all. Here’s looking forward to the new season.


Jon Crossley


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Autumn 2022

As we continue to develop and move forward as a club, I took a look at the website and saw there was an Autumn newsletter. How up to date… Wrong. Autumn 2021. How things have changed in just a year. So whoever you are reading this, member or not, hey Autumn 2022.

The summer season seems to have drifted away like a sycamore seed – but boy we’ve seen plenty of those. It’s been a summer season more like the good ole days with no covid restrictions looming over everyone. Summer days and evenings of competitive and non competitive tennis have been enjoyed and now it’s time to be more wrapped up when enjoying the fresh air and a swing of the racquet / racket – with a winter league mixed and men’s team playing indoors at Heaton to add for those inclined.

Maybe you’re someone looking to come and possibly join us, you would be more than welcome – all standards. Social times take place as follows:

Tuesdays and Thursday evenings under the lights.

Saturday mornings for all from 10am – if you’re wanting to check us out, this would be a good time to come along.

Women play 2pm Fridays and men 10.30 on Wednesdays.

New members are always welcome and we have brought back the winter membership offer. Do send a message through the site and our membership secretary will be in touch with you.

Our AGM will take place some time in February or March and at this time we intend to publish the full season’s events and activities. Keep an eye or an ear out for that.


Jonathan Crossley


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Autumn Newsletter

September sees the summer league matches come to a close and therefore an increase in the number of times social tennis takes place at the club. A huge thank you to the club captains for their work across the summer.

Club times are as follows:

Saturday mornings from 10am.

Tuesdays from 5pm and Thursdays from 6pm.

Men’s tennis Wednesdays from 10.30am.

Women’s tennis Fridays from 2pm.

Coaching on Sundays – follow the link on the home page for more details.

NEW – Beginners social tennis Wednesdays from 6pm (starting 29th Sept)

(Great to see adult beginner coaching sessions going so well so it seems appropriate and essential a social time to encourage those who have joined the club who are new to tennis should be in place).

For all other times (including Saturdays from 1pm), the courts are available for members’ use – to guarantee availability, continue to use the booking system through timify – link on the home page.

Competitive tennis in the winter will continue as we have entered one men’s team into the Bradford Winter League. This needs two players, probably once every 2 or 3 weeks to play at Heaton. Anyone else interested, just get in touch with me.

Also, a huge thank you to those members who continue to do their bit around the grounds and in the clubhouse to enable tennis to be played in a safe and welcoming environment.

Enjoy your tennis and look out for the falling of the leaves and the removal of the railings!!!!!!


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Return to Tennis

Cross Hills Tennis Club Proposed Return to Play 29.03.2021

Hopefully, we shall all be able to return to play from Monday 29th March so get those racquets out!  Below are the proposed details:

  1. Court Booking: through Timify (LINK ON HOME PAGE AS WELL AS A REMINDER OF HOW TO BOOK – BOOKING IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY – any potential new members reading this, follow the membership enquiries link also on the home page). 
  2. Please remember the rule of 6 per court.
  3. Organised Club Events: Book by text, email. 

Following LTA guidelines players can change partners without following the rule of 6 when participating in the organised club events, though strict social distancing must be in place.   Socialising before or after play is not permitted.

Tuesdays: Mixed Doubles 5-6.30pm and 6.45 – 8.15 Book with Pam

As a co-ordinator must be present throughout any organised club event to ensure Covid 19 social distancing and hygiene rules are followed, Pam will nominate someone from each Tuesday session to be in charge for the night.  

Wednesdays: Men’s 11am – 1pm book with Roy Heaton

Fridays: Women’s 2 – 4pm book with Chris Glen

  No one should turn up to play without booking first.  If you then find you cannot play, please cancel to free up the court for others.  If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home.

Competitive League Tennis

  • The Wharfedale league will not start until 21st June 2021 so Wednesday evenings will be free to book until then.
  • Bradford Parks League and Friendly League. Members will be informed as soon as Saturday and Monday evening competitive play is to start.  Courts are available to book until then. DETAILS TO FOLLOW IN APRIL NEWSLETTER.

Coaching is due to restart from Sunday 4th April, cost £6 per session.  Please contact Jamie at: or 07938850558

09.00 – 09.45 LTA Youth Red (formerly Mini Tennis Red) 4-8yrs.

10:00-11:00 LTA Youth Orange (Formerly Mini Tennis Orange) 8-11 years

11:00-12:00 LTA Youth Yellow (Formerly Juniors Tennis) 11+

12:15-13:15 Adult Coaching 

We are then looking to add a beginners’ session after this at 13:15-14:15. If we can generate enough interest then this will be going ahead. 

Covid 19 Positive Testing.  If you are unfortunate enough to have a positive test it is everyone’s personal responsibility to contact Test and Trace, give the contact details for anyone you were playing with and inform those people.

For Club organised events, please inform the person responsible for booking the relevant session (Pam, Chris or Roy).  They will then pass on everyone’s details to Test and Trace.

We do not want another lockdown so Stay Safe, adhere to Covid rules and guidelines and enjoy your tennis!

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March Newsletter

It’s in the air; we can almost touch, taste and feel it. The return to tennis is on the horizon. Cross Hills Tennis Club is committed to providing tennis in the local community for all who love the game; juniors to seniors, beginners to those who enjoy a good competitive league battle, those who wish to participate in club organised social times to those who wish to play just as a family or with friends, those who desire coaching to those who are accepting in their lot. Welcome one and all to the early glimmers of the 2021 season, be you an existing member or a potential new one – you are most welcome. Any people wishing to join the club, simply follow the link on the main page or by visiting the contact us page.

March 29th is a date we all hope is the one where we can get back onto the courts which are looking in excellent condition thanks to the 2020 painting and a very recent dose of moss-killer – it is so important to keep the courts in as good a condition as possible and thanks to all those members who volunteer their time and energy to help keep the club in a strong position.

The officers of the club are meeting soon to put in place the guidance for the return to tennis and this will be posted here and sent to members as soon as it is approved.

In the meantime go and find out if the kit still fits, brush the cobwebs off the rackets, start loosening the body and get the frozen peas ready.

See you on court soon



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Christmas Greetings

Hi all

Just wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and all the best for the new year. Just a reminder that if anyone wishes to make a donation to Sue Ryder Manorlands in lieu of sending Christmas cards, the link to our just giving site is active from the main page.

Enjoy a little ditty.

Best wishes


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December Newsletter (Part 1)

Well done those of you who noticed no November newsletter – are they idling? I assure you not. Just a couple of things to bring to your immediate notice.

First it is good to see that once again the courts are opened for booking. We await any change in the news from the government and the lta but whilst Bradford remains in tier 3, we will not be recommencing organised club events. Remember the rule of 6.

Second, a huge thank you to all those who donated to the tennis marathon. A total of £596 was raised for Sue Ryder Manorlands. Let’s not stop there. Instead of sending each other Christmas cards, why not this year again make a donation to continue our support of this local hospice. A link is available to do this from the main page or cash donations can be left in the ball tin just inside the clubhouse door. Oh and yes, nobody’s hit the right figure for the games Joel and I played (sorry Emma, valiant attempt), so that continues.

Remember the social tennis whatsapp group is there to arrange to play with other members. If anybody wishes to join, get in touch. Who’s still in shorts?

More news as it comes in.


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October Newsletter

October and the leaves are stripped bare (not yet) of all they wear.

What do I care? We got tennis. (That last bit not a U2 lyric)

And we got lights.


To keep in line with LTA strict guidance, we have to make it very clear about the rules of participation. It has been decided that our club organised sessions can take up to 12 people as long as clear risk assessments are in place and adhered to. One aspect is ALL THOSE WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE WITH THE CO-ORDINATOR. Look out soon for updated risk assessments.

These times are as follows:

Club night – Tuesday evenings 5.00pm to 6.30pm and 6.45pm to 8.15pm. Book through the club secretary Pam Emsley.

Club singles night – Wednesday evenings from 6pm. Book by contacting Jon Crossley aka me. Unlike other sessions, you could arrive anytime after 6. (If more than 8 wish to attend, we would have one doubles going and two singles).

Women’s tennis – Fridays 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Book through Chris Glen.

Men’s tennis – Mondays and Wednesdays 11.00am to 1.00pm. Book through Roy Heaton. WhatsApp groups have been set up for this. If you wish to join the group, contact Brian Shears.

Coaching – adult coaching from 12.15pm on Sundays. This is becoming very popular. Follow the link to Kinetic tennis website for more details of this and the junior coaching.

(Traditionally, Saturday mornings have been designated club sessions but we’re just holding fire on that at the moment. Lights mean the evening sessions can continue. For any club session organised, a committed co-ordinator is needed).

Please contact the club secretary or send a message through the website if you wish to know more or haven’t got the details of the above co-ordinators.

For all other tennis in groups up to 4, continue to book yourselves through the website link.


Please continue to follow the rules as published on the gate to the courts. REMIND YOURSELF BY READING THEM. The lock has been left open on a few occasions recently so please double check you have left the courts secure – you need to twiddle the numbers, not just fasten it down. (Forgive technical terminology).


So far £506 has been raised for Manorlands. On the club window is a little quiz. How many games did we play? Put a pound in the tin on the window ledge and fill in the number you think. Emma was working out a calculus formula before she puts in her suggestion.


Good luck to the late night owls who will be participating in the Bradford Winter Tennis League. If you’re male, it’s not too late to be included, just let me know. So far we have 8 and a half brave souls laying their body down for the good of the club.

Next Friday, the officers of the club are meeting the area LTA rep, Gavin Sutcliffe to support us in our next steps to ensure tennis can be played in as safe an environment as possible. A huge thanks to Joel, Pam and Chris who are working tirelessly for the benefit of all members.

Keep doing the little jobs around the place and watch out for one or two big jobs on the horizon – and not just watching the bowling at the back. Autumn is a time when the courts need plenty of care and a leaf blower is on the way – the small print on the court repainting says we shouldn’t brush them. I’m sensing some members are very excited about the prospect of using the blower, particularly if it sucks too.

Enjoy your tennis but PLEASE STICK TO THE RULES. (Off to look at Pam’s club night risk assessment!!!!).

If you have any suggestions or further ideas then please contact Pam our secretary who will bring them to the relevant committee members.

Thanks all


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The Tennis Marathon

And so it began; beautiful blue skies favourably looked down on the early birds. David Hutchinson made the excellent call to play on the middle court which was bathed in sunshine though Joel was taking no chances, he was sticking with layers and layers of clothing – there was a chill in the air.

Great to see Richard always start with the Haka and terrify the opposition.

Will this be the one that makes the papers? Will the Craven Herald or the Keighley News accept a Leicester City shirt? What an inclusive club we are. And don’t those courts look fantastic. We’d better look after them: the small print says not to sweep them so as Autumn comes on and the trees start to shed, the race is on for a leaf blower…which also sucks.

Time moved on and the 10 o clock 6 slowly brought in the clouds. Photographer Gill, Brian, Jan, Pam, Mike (will they play as a partnership) and Patrick kept Joel and me on our toes. Patrick even realised he should have booked in at 5 when we were on our knees. He did save the day by going for the WD-40 – not to keep myself and Joel in order but the gate lock which was a little temperamental first thing as was the main club house door which gave me a pre playing injury – good job the magic fairy keeps the first aid box well stocked.

11 o clock brought Diane and Glenn, Oliver and Charlie. Watch this space, future tennis star – you saw him here first. Your chairman didn’t even see it.

12 o clock high noon and Phil and Roy are on fire. I was glad to be able to play a set partnering Roy, the man who all those years ago on the bumpy grass at Skipton taught me a cool head and his mantra: get forward. We dedicated this set to our dear friend Awo Surbis – his picture is on the wall in the clubhouse. For those who didn’t know Awo, he was an absolute gem of a man who battled so hard against his invasion of cancer, continuing to play tennis with joy, good nature and a genuine interest in other people – a lesson for all of us. I enjoyed our many conversations about music and he introduced me to many an artist as well as taught me a thing or two about tennis. I loved his philosophy of music was like beer. He found Van Morrison and Timothy Taylor’s Landlord in his formative years then spent the rest of his life trying to find something better but never achieving it. Enjoy the power of beauty or the memory of your youth I say.

One o clock brought Kelvin and Sally and the club is so much better for their fantastic presence. Relatively new members who have immediately mucked in and do their bit. And watch out, that Sally forehand will give you a punch!

2 o clock and the temperature starts to drop but our spirits stay uplifted as Dom and Gabe take to the court to join us. For a bit of variety, we transfer to court one. Again, great to see a father and son getting involved and improving with every time they play.

Meanwhile warming up on court 2 were Charlie and Carol…well I say warming up. Thanks to lockdown, they hadn’t seen each other for a while so there was quite a bit of chattering going on over the net.

Carol did slightly regret going for the orange shoes as at times, she couldn’t see her feet. Her request to have the court colours reversed has been rejected. And then came the days secret weapon… the arrival of Bonnie who enjoyed taking part in a juggling demonstration.

Now surely someone will reply and send a caption for this picture.

Another brief knock with Pam and Gill before the final slot with David and Tom.

He’s looking good.

Either the photographer has hit the sherry or I’m starting to feel dizzy.

Whichever, we managed to reach the end all still upright and just about in one piece. Can’t believe how quickly the day went and thanks to all who supported and encouraged. Oh and thanks Edie for sneaking down some homemade biscuits…ssshhh, don’t tell Chris. So far, we’re well over the £400 mark so excellent effort everyone. Let’s see how club night goes on Tuesday.

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