Four go to Arnside

On Monday 11th May Arvo, Roy, Gerald and Glenn went on a tennis pensioners’ road trip to the Lake District to visit their old friend Dave Bentley. They got a little bit lost on the way: Arvo and Roy didn’t believe the new-fangled satellite navigation device! When they got to Arnside they played tennis with David and some of his friends. After tennis they went to David’s house, where Barbara, David’s wife, had prepared tea. What a lovely spread: there was sandwiches, pizza, home-made ginger cake and lashings of tea and lager. When they had finished eating they set off home. This time they didn’t get lost but had to go the long way round the country lanes because the road they wanted to go on was closed. When they got back to Cross Hills all agreed it had been a jolly good day!

About Glenn Frost

Club Chairman
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