April Newsletter

Hi All
April come she will…and so she has.  But definitely not in a way any of us would have hoped for. When I became chairman and gave myself the challenge of a monthly newsletter I didn’t expect to be in quite this position.
For this month, I was hoping to share with you our captains’ pre season meeting.  No can do.  Bradford and district league postponed until the half way stage which is 27th June and to be reviewed in time for that.  Wharfedale league Molly Fawcett knock out cup cancelled, (yes cancelled so another season unbeaten in that then for the first team) and league definitely delayed until 11th May but reviewed on 31st April – as it says on their website.  I don’t intend to be having a 31st April and hope to get straight into May after the 30th if everyone else okay with that.  Bradford friendly league – season curtailed but hoping to run the second half of the season from 13th July.
Also hoping to share how fantastic the courts are looking after their power wash and repaint but again…nope!  A date to rearrange when things get back to an impression of normal. 
So tennis life as we know it on hold but the club certainly not which brings me to a couple of points.
First is subscriptions.  The four officers of the club (not horsemen of the apocalypse) have thought long and hard about this including some financial sums done by our treasurer Joel Griffiths to see what the club needs to stay afloat.  We feel it is best for the club if we can ask all members still to pay their subscription for 2020/21 by the end of April by bank transfer as already requested and to inform Chris Glen our membership secretary of any changes to last year’s details – do refer to her e mail.  When we are fully aware of how much playing time is lost, the committee will then take this into consideration for the membership subscription costs for 2021/22 for those members of 2020/21 who paid in full.  Having said this, if anybody has been financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic through serious lack of earnings and believes that this is not possible, please do not feel you cannot be a member of Cross Hills Tennis Club.  Get in touch with Pam Emsley, our secretary and we can come to some arrangement,  For the future of the club, we have a duty to keep it in a healthy financial state (or a financially healthy state) which includes maintaining our facilities to a high standard.
Second is the social tennis WhatsApp group, formally known as winter tennis.  Stating the obvious for the moment is that the tennis part is a bit redundant though the social aspect certainly isn’t.  I’m tempted to go into some of the revelations that have come through but I’ll hold back.  Anybody managed to get all 60 of those film emojis?  Each member now may have differing views for being a part of this – everybody’s situation is different.  If you feel you do not wish to be a part of the group for the time being, do not feel obliged to stay. You can leave the group by clicking on the green header then scroll to the bottom of the page and press ‘exit group’.  When the tennis does eventually resume, you can return by letting me know again.  If anyone else would like to join the group and keep in touch with other members just send me a text.
Whatever you’re doing to fill the time and keep fit, I hope those who live with others are not driving each other up the wall and those who are on their own are not starting to name their house plants etc.  {Good to see Robin, Rebecca and Roddy rhubarb shooting through in my back garden.}  For those with young families (in real terms or young at heart) the LTA website has a number of activities you can be doing to keep the tennis skills sharp.  Alternatively you can click on the song I’ve attached, learn it and sing and dance along.  
Take care everyone and don’t hesitate to contact another club member for any help, support or just a plain natter.  Just think how great our first time back on the court will be in that wind and rain.
Keep practising your ball toss.  See you eventually on court.
Best wishes
Jonathan, Jon, Jonners, JC, Heather (nobody has asked about that) and now possibly Stephen – if you open up the mp3 as that’s my first name and what I’m registered with apple as.

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