Booking a court instructions

Courts 1 and 3 should now be booked online from here (or follow the link on our home page).  This link will lead to the “Timify” booking site for Crosshills Tennis Club.

From there:

– Click “Book appointment now”.

– Click “Tennis match” (the only option available).

– On the next screen:   – Choose your date from the selection box at the top.

   – The middle section on choosing a court is OPTIONAL. Ignore this section to see ALL available time slots on both courts.

  – The bottom section will list all available court times

– select one to continue. 

On the next screen:  – Click an account (eg Facebook) or continue with “Guest Booking”.

On the next screen:  – Fill in the required fields (name, email, phone) and ensure the “Agree to terms and conditions” is checked (sigh!) 

– Click “Save and continue”

On the summary screen that follows, click “Confirm booking”.

That’s it. You will be given the option to save this directly to your online calendar – but this can be ignored. Finally, you will shortly receive an email confirming your booking details (including court no).

Thanks Brian Shears for a superb job done. Please get in touch if you have any difficulties with this.

Enjoy your tennis.

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