March Newsletter

It’s in the air; we can almost touch, taste and feel it. The return to tennis is on the horizon. Cross Hills Tennis Club is committed to providing tennis in the local community for all who love the game; juniors to seniors, beginners to those who enjoy a good competitive league battle, those who wish to participate in club organised social times to those who wish to play just as a family or with friends, those who desire coaching to those who are accepting in their lot. Welcome one and all to the early glimmers of the 2021 season, be you an existing member or a potential new one – you are most welcome. Any people wishing to join the club, simply follow the link on the main page or by visiting the contact us page.

March 29th is a date we all hope is the one where we can get back onto the courts which are looking in excellent condition thanks to the 2020 painting and a very recent dose of moss-killer – it is so important to keep the courts in as good a condition as possible and thanks to all those members who volunteer their time and energy to help keep the club in a strong position.

The officers of the club are meeting soon to put in place the guidance for the return to tennis and this will be posted here and sent to members as soon as it is approved.

In the meantime go and find out if the kit still fits, brush the cobwebs off the rackets, start loosening the body and get the frozen peas ready.

See you on court soon



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